Ohio Caverns 5/2/18

Jeff and I visited Ohio Caverns in May as part of a staycation in Columbus. These caverns, located in West Liberty Ohio, are known as America’s most colorful caverns and rightly so. We did both the historic tour and the natural wonder tour. If you take the time to visit this place I definitely recommend doing both tours. The historic tour explained the history of the caves discovery and how it came to be the business that it is today. This part of the cavern doesn’t contain stalactites or stalagmites since most of them were removed by the early explorers and they take years to regrow. The natural wonder tour contained beautiful cave features and thousands of colorful cave formations including Ohio’s largest stalactite. I’m quite happy with how some of the pictures turned out I think they could go on a post card! The tour guides were very friendly and quite knowledgeable.

Ohio’s Largest Stalactite.This cave formation is known as the old town pump I believe.


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