Day 109: Trail Stand

Day 109Tom Leonard Shelter to Upper Goose Pond ShelterAT Milage: 1550.5Miles Hiked: 21.3Last night topped my already worst night of staying in a shelter with mosquitos. I didn’t sleep at all last night and was constantly slapping myself and the mosquitos away from me. At 5:30 am I decided I was so annoyed I might as well just get up and leave. I quickly packed up all my things, ate a large breakfast ( 3 oatmeals and 2 carnation breakfasts) and hit the trail.My feet have been really starting to bother me pretty bad again so today was a long day. I don’t think I walked more than 5-6 miles without having to stop and take care of my feet. Flamingo caught up to me early on. We took a long morning break together at a lake where I picked some Blueberries. Both of us were feeling super fatigued today from averaging 20 miles a day since Harper’s Ferry WV. I’m proud of myself for keeping such a high average and staying healthy about it but I think it will be time to cut back the miles very soon because my feet are acting up so bad.After 13 miles we came to a road crossing where there was a “trail stand” selling cold drinks and snacks on an honor system next to a farm. This was the first time I’ve seen this and I learned that it was ran by a young boy who lived at the farm. I enjoyed some sodas and Cheetos along with a long hour rest of my feet.ur destination for the day was Upper Goose Pond cabin. I was planning on staying at this cabin for a long time because I heard it was awesome. When we arrived it lived up to its expectations. There was a beautiful pond where we could swim and canoe along with an enormous closed in cabin with bunks that had mattresses on them. We were greeted by it’s volunteer caretaker for the week who explained the rules and where we could find things. The place was amazing. I didn’t swim or do much at night because I was so worn out from the past week. I ate a lot of food, looked at the lake, blogged, and read a book Flamingo and I have been sharing the pages from. Flamingo reads the book, tears out the pages when he’s done and hands them to me. They will probably be used to start a fire later down the trail. I’m glad to be at a peaceful indoor space tonight where mosquitos shouldn’t eat me!

Happy Trails!


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