Day 148: Glacier National Park Day 4: Fifty Mountain

Miles Hiked: 23 Total Milage: 2567 This morning all of us woke up at 5am. We got ready in the dark and were hiking by 6am. It was still dark when we left with our headlamps lit and ascended to going to the sun road. Because of the permit system and our extremely limited campingContinue reading “Day 148: Glacier National Park Day 4: Fifty Mountain”

Day 147 :Glacier National Park Day 3: St Mary Falls

Miles Hiked: 12 Total Milage: 2544 Today we only have to hike 14 miles to our next camping spot. There is also a way we can take a short cut by fording a river. So we will only have to walk 12 miles! Because of this, I was super lazy this morning and took allContinue reading “Day 147 :Glacier National Park Day 3: St Mary Falls”

Day 146: Glacier NP Day 2 : Red Eagle Lake

Miles Hiked: 20 Total Milage: 2532 Today I slept in again. We only have to hike 20 miles to our next assigned campsite so I was in no rush. For breakfast I ate some snacks. I was still the first person up and getting ready at camp. By 7:30am, I left before anyone else. TheContinue reading “Day 146: Glacier NP Day 2 : Red Eagle Lake”

Day 145: Glacier NP Day 1: Old Man Lake

Miles Hiked: 17.4 Total Milage: 2512 Today I enjoyed sleeping in until 7am. For breakfast I got a sandwich and a brownie from a small cafe called “Brownies” right next to the hostel. I slowly packed up all my things and relaxed until 11am. I hiked out of town with Darwin and Legs. Machine wasContinue reading “Day 145: Glacier NP Day 1: Old Man Lake”

Day 143: Bob Marshal Wilderness Day 4: East Glacier

Miles Hiked: 18 Total Milage: 2489.6 Today my friends Dev and Matt who I met on the AT (Henrietta and Herbie) arranged to do some trail magic for me. They were some of my favorite people I met on my first thru hike. Dev has stayed in touch with me a little bit and wasContinue reading “Day 143: Bob Marshal Wilderness Day 4: East Glacier”

Day 142: Bob Marshal Day 3: Jurassic Park

Miles Hiked: 30 Total Milage: 2472.6 This morning I woke up to a soaking wet tent and sleeping bag. It was some of the worst condensation I’ve ever had in my tent. I packed up while it was still dark along with everyone else. We planned to hike 30 miles today so getting up earlyContinue reading “Day 142: Bob Marshal Day 3: Jurassic Park”

Day 141: Bob Marshal Day 2: Racing Sunset

Miles Hiked: 27.1 Total Milage: 2441.6 Today I slept in a bit because I was so cold. I had to pee really bad and I was starving so I was forced out of my warm sleeping bag earlier than I wanted to be. The sunrise was pretty, especially as I watched it slowly cast lightContinue reading “Day 141: Bob Marshal Day 2: Racing Sunset”

Day 140: Entering the Bob Marshal Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 26.3 Total Milage: 2414.5 This morning I woke up early without my alarm and decided to leave town. I packed up my things and went to breakfast at the campground. I sat with “Animal”, “Overdue”, and “Library” who were also all getting out on trail this morning. I was feeling a bit nervousContinue reading “Day 140: Entering the Bob Marshal Wilderness”

Day 137: Lewis and Clark Pass

Miles Hiked: 15.3 Total Milage: 2351.5 Today I got out of bed around 7:30am when some other hikers knocked on the door to ask us if we wanted to get breakfast. I was so excited to go back to Lambkin’s and get the cinnamon roll French toast for a second time. It was absolutely deliciousContinue reading “Day 137: Lewis and Clark Pass”