Day 145: Glacier NP Day 1: Old Man Lake

Miles Hiked: 17.4

Total Milage: 2512

Today I enjoyed sleeping in until 7am. For breakfast I got a sandwich and a brownie from a small cafe called “Brownies” right next to the hostel. I slowly packed up all my things and relaxed until 11am. I hiked out of town with Darwin and Legs. Machine was supposed to come with us as well but he has been throwing up and very sick with food poisoning most likely. It was a bummer that he is going to miss a section so close to the end of the trail. We are hoping he feels better by tomorrow and finds a way to meet us at camp.

At 11am it was pretty hot. I put on sunscreen and drank lots of water. The hike started off down some dirt roads leaving town until we officially entered Glacier NP. I hiked about 0.5 miles behind Darwin and Legs all day because I hike a bit slower than them. The trail went uphill to a place called “Scenic Point”. It was a big climb with a heavy pack fully loaded with 6 days of food. Near the top I passed Hummingbird, Old Timer, and Day Pack taking a break. There were many day hikers going up the the view from the opposite direction. Walking down the ridge from Scenic Point to Two Medicine was an awesome way to enter Glacier National Park. The view was stunning. The descent down to Two Medicine lake was steep. I took my time so I didn’t roll an ankle. When I got to the trail head, I had to cross the road and walk through a front country camping area. There was a small herd of big horn sheep in the middle of the road. At the camping area I ran into Legs and Darwin. We were all ready for a break. We saw Wild Turkey at a campsite so we walked over to eat lunch with him and three others camping there as well. It was Animal, Melon, and 12 Pack. After snacking for a little bit, we said goodbye and continued the last 6 miles to camp. It was another climb. This time the climb went through a forest and then upwards into an alpine valley. I was yelling and clacking my trekking poles to scares away any bears. A hiker told me they spotted a grizzly less than a half mile from where I was camping tonight. I was nervous.

When I got to camp it was about 6pm. Darwin and Legs were making dinner at the designated cooking area with other hikers. No one else had seen a grizzly ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ. The campsite had designated tenting spots a, a privy, a ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ hang, a cooking area, and a lake as a water source. The tent site we had was very small. I pitched my tent directly next to Darwin and Legs tent. There wouldn’t have been room for Machine if he did show up. For dinner I made a chicken and dumplings mountain house meal. This week I have the fancy dehydrated meals for every dinner since my mom sent me one last awesome package! The lake was very beautiful. There was a massive peak sticking several hundred feet straight up from it.

I went to sleep around 8pm.

Happy Trails!

– Early Bird


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