Day 163: A Zero at Human Nature Hostel

Day 163 September 24th Miles Hiked: Zero AT Milage: 1935.1 Today I woke up in town with little sleep. I got Breakfast at the Diner with Doc before packing up my tent and waiting for the hostel to come pick me up at the general store. Around 9:30am a hostel worker named “Other Brother” cameContinue reading “Day 163: A Zero at Human Nature Hostel”

Day 162: Bald Plate Mountain

Day 162 September 23rd Old Speck Pond Shelter to Andover, ME (East B Hill Road) Miles Hiked: 14.9 AT Milage: 1935.1 This morning I didn’t leave camp until around 8am. I slept extremely well last night because I was so exhausted from the Notch. My first climb of the day was Old Speck Mountain whichContinue reading “Day 162: Bald Plate Mountain”