Day 153: Chet’s Place

Lonesome Lake Hut to Lincon, NH

Miles Hiked: 2.9

AT milage: 1818.9

When I woke up at lonesome lake hut in the morning, I decided to stay and do more chores to get breakfast. It was a very cold and rainy day. Next, I decided to go to town, resupply, and stay at a hostel. I only hiked 2-3 relatively easy miles to a trail head where I got a hitch into town with two other thru hikers name “Nan” and “FK”. The person who gave us a hitch was a college kid named Declan who came up to hike all weekend. He wasn’t going to hike in the bad weather today either, so the four of us hung out at a bagel shop. Afterwards, I got a ton of food at price chopper which will hopefully last me quite a while. Next I went to a hostel ran by a local out of his own home. It was located in his garage/side room of his house where I got a cozy spot on the floor. There were so many other hikers there because the weather was so bad. I originally felt really bad about not hiking today, but I knew I made the right choice after I saw everyone else. It would not be a good idea to be hiking on a slippery exposed ridge all day with high winds and rain. I really wanted to see Fraconia Ridge and if I hiked today, I wouldn’t be able to see anything. Also I would probably be miserably cold and scared. I made a plan to get on trail as early as possible tomorrow and hike as far as I could.

Happy Trails!


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