Day 179: Katahdin Stream Lean-to

Day 177 October 10th Miles Hiked: Zero Today Doc and I took a zero to wait on Sponge, Great Fish, and Smilez to catch up so we could all summit together. Mismatch left around 7:30am to hike five miles to the northern terminus. I went to say goodbye to the other hikers I knew summitingContinue reading “Day 179: Katahdin Stream Lean-to”

Day 178: Entering Baxter State Park

Day 178 October 9th Abol Bridge to Katahdin Stream Campground Miles Hiked: 10.0 AT Milage: 2186.8 This morning I woke up in town, happy to have been able to sleep on a mattress in a warm building last night. Mismatch, Doc, and I ate breakfast together and we realized that the three of us wouldContinue reading “Day 178: Entering Baxter State Park”

Day 176: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 4

Day 176 October 7th East Branch Lean-to to Nahmakanta Stream Lean-to Miles Hiked: 23.8 AT Milage: 2148.0 Last night it rained all night and it didn’t stop when I had woken up in the morning but the temperature was drastically warmer. I was expecting us to get rain or snow for a few days inContinue reading “Day 176: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 4”

Day 175: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 3- Whitecap Mountain

Day 175 October 6th East Chairback Pond to East Branch Lean-to Miles Hiked: 18.4 AT Milage: 2124.2 This morning I woke up around 7am. Lately I’ve been getting really cold right before sunrise. I think it’s a combination between the outside temperature reaching it’s lowest and my body temperature dropping as I sleep. Either way,Continue reading “Day 175: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 3- Whitecap Mountain”

Day 174: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 2: The Chairbacks

Day 174 October 5th Long Pond Lean-To to East Chairback Pond Miles Hiked: 13.2 AT Milage: 2105.8 Doc and I slept in this morning and took our good old time getting ready for the day. As per usual lately, it was really cold and it makes it difficult to get moving in the morning. TodayContinue reading “Day 174: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 2: The Chairbacks”

Day 173: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 1 – Wilson Springs

Day 173 October 4th Monson, ME to Long Pond Stream Lean To Miles Hiked: 15.1 AT Milage: 2092.6 This morning I woke up a little before 7am and started packing up my backpack before going downstairs to community breakfast at Shaw’s Hiker Hostel. I had a giant plate of eggs, sausage, home fries, and pancakesContinue reading “Day 173: 100 Mile Wilderness Day 1 – Wilson Springs”

Day 171: Moxie Bald and Meru

Day 171 October 2nd Stealth Spot to Monson, ME Miles Hiked: 24.7 AT Milage: 2077.5 This morning I woke up to the sound of Doc packing away his things which slightly alarmed me because I am usually always the first person awake at camp unless someone decided to leave absurdly early. My body was drasticallyContinue reading “Day 171: Moxie Bald and Meru”