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This is where you can find the inside scoop on all of my backpacking adventures.

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania, I knew I wanted to walk from Georgia to Maine. I’m not sure that I even knew what the trail that follows the route was called. Only that it existed and I wanted to do it. When I was a hard working and poor college student in Ohio I realized that the cheapest way I could travel was backpacking but I had no gear no one to show me how. My childhood dream of walking a very far distance resurfaced and I suddenly became obsessed with learning how I could acquire all the gear, skills, and self confidence to actually go out and do the thing. Eventually I found myself standing at the Southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail on Springer Mountain in Georgia. After my first week of backpacking I knew that the Appalachian Trail would not be the last time I would go on a long hike.

After I completed the AT in 2019, I moved to Telluride Colorado with plans to save money and hike the PCT in 2020. An ACL and double meniscus tear in my left knee during a skiing accident derailed my hiking plans before the pandemic did and I spent all of 2020 in rehab. The following year I skied 85 days and hiked the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada. This year in 2022 I plan to finish a goal I’ve had since 2019. I will be finishing my triple crown of hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. After I wrap up my third and possibly final winter season here in Colorado, I will be starting the PCT on April 23rd at the U.S. Mexico Border. I will continue to post daily trail updates. Thanks for following along. All the support is appreciated!

-Deserrae “Early Bird” Potts

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