Day 42: Another Zero in Chama

Miles Hiked: 0 Total Milage: 667.5 Location: Elk Horn Lodge, Chama NM I had a great zero day hanging out with Rockslide, 12 Pack, Jenga, and Free Fall. I started the day by doing my town chores which included laundry, resupplying, and finding a few more pieces of gear I will need to get throughContinue reading “Day 42: Another Zero in Chama”

Day 41: Cheers to the Land of Enchantment

Miles Hiked: 12.9 Total Milage: 667.5 Location: Elk Horn Lodge, Chama NM This morning I woke up at 5:15 and started hiking at 5:45. I was glad that everyone else also woke up as early as I did. I wanted to cross the border with everyone before it started to rain. The sunrise was veryContinue reading “Day 41: Cheers to the Land of Enchantment”

Day 39: The long hitch back

Miles Hiked: Zero Total Milage: 626.1 Location: Hopewell Lake This morning I woke up and did my chores as efficiently as I could. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to trail today yet or not. After some research on conditions and the weather, I made the decision to hitch hike back toContinue reading “Day 39: The long hitch back”

Day 37: Rio Vallecitos

Miles Hiked: 25.6 Total Milage: 614.6 Location: Rio Vallecitos This morning I woke up to coyotes howling at 5am. It was noticably warm for the morning, so I packed up my things and hit the trail before 6am. I continued hiking through more alpine meadows. It reminded me of the balds in the southern AppalachianContinue reading “Day 37: Rio Vallecitos”

Day 33: Chama River Canyon Wilderness

Miles Hike: 28.2 Total Milage: 572.2 Location: Chama River Canyon Wilderness This morning I woke up at 6am and left camp before 7am. My goal was to hike 28 miles to the highway and go to Santa Fe for a double zero from there (two days of not hiking). I wasn’t sure if I couldContinue reading “Day 33: Chama River Canyon Wilderness”

Day 32: San Pedro Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 26.1 Total Milage: 544 Location: Stream, mile 655.1 This morning Rockslide woke me up around 6am. We walked to McDonalds to get breakfast and then back to the Motel to pack up our things. I started hiking around 8:45 am. The day started with a 5 mile road walk out of town. RockslideContinue reading “Day 32: San Pedro Wilderness”