Day 25: Cinco de Mayo in Grants, NM

Miles: 8.2 Total Milage: 409.8 Location: Grants, New Mexico Today we had an easy road walk into to Grants. Grants will be the first town we have seen with multiple services and the first bed we have all slept in since Silver City. The sun was hitting the canyon walls in a very pretty way.Continue reading “Day 25: Cinco de Mayo in Grants, NM”

Day 23: Everyday it’s a new pain

Miles: 19.5 Miles Hiked: 381.8 Location: El Mapis This morning I woke up around 6am to see a beautiful sunrise. I didn’t even have to leave my cozy sleeping bag on the trail. I didn’t hear anyone moving around yet, so I happily went back to sleep for about another hour. I did not wantContinue reading “Day 23: Everyday it’s a new pain”

Day 22: Trail Angels of Albuquerque

Miles: 22.3 Total Milage: 362.3 Location: Cerro Brillante Last night I didn’t sleep at all. I tossed and turned and even considered getting up to hike in the middle of the night. In the end I decided it would be better just to let my body rest even if I wasn’t sleeping. At 4am IContinue reading “Day 22: Trail Angels of Albuquerque”