Day 26: Zero Day #3

Miles: 0

Total Milage: 409.8

Location: Quality Inn, Grants, New Mexico

Today Rockslide and I were able to go to Albuquerque which was about an hour away. He needed to get new gear very badly since he didn’t have anything very appropriate for this trip. He would have made it without gear, but since he spends enough time backpacking and all of his old stuff has fallen apart it made sense for him to invest in a new set up. While we were at REI I was able to try on a pair of shoes. I decided that my next pair will be La Sportiva Karacal and I made sure to send a pair to Chama, New Mexico. In Albuquerque we were also able to stop at burger king and get 12 pack a crown. He wanted to decorate one for when he finishes his Tripple Crown at the Canadian border.

When we got back we got some Chinese food with everyone else and I resupplied at Walmart. Of course I took a couple of baths at the hotel and relaxed as much as I could for the whole day. I love zero days so much more than I used to.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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One thought on “Day 26: Zero Day #3

  1. Let me know if 12pack needs any help decorating that spectacular crown!! I’d love to help! That’s right up my alley!😉


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