Day 27: Gooseberry Springs

Miles: 18.5

Total Milage: 428.3

This morning I slept in til 8am. I was incredibly slow to leave town. I took a bath and shaved my legs before packing up my things. We had to run to Walmart for an extra item before I could finally get in the car to leave. Rockslide dropped Jenga and I off at the McDonald’s where we stopped walking two days ago. Gotta keep that continuous footpath to Canada going strong! Jenga and I got some food and walked back to the Lava Flow hostel which was further along our route north. We grabbed our packs and continued the road walk out of town with the rest of our friends.

It was about noon by the time we were actually hiking out of town. Rockslide hiked with me all day. It was pretty hot so we were taking lots of breaks. Both Jenga, Free Fall, and I didn’t pack out enough water. I would have made it to the cache but I was really glad that Rockslide over packed on his water and had plenty to share. Once we got off the side of the highway we hiked along a beautiful trail that brought us up to a Mesa. We were able to get we great pictures of a collared lizard we saw. I loved how colorful it’s toes are! They run around SO fast and I easily could have missed them if Rockslide didn’t point them out. Once up on the Mesa we had a wide open view of grants before the trail turned and started going directly towards Mt. Taylor.

The rest of the evening Rockslide and I took breaks as needed. We ended up hiking late into the evening arriving at camp just after dark. I was glad to hike during golden hour and we got some great pictures at a view. When we got to camp there was a water cache that “Mac the Knife” a local trail angel from Grants, left for us. I was SO THANKFUL for the nice clean water. I think all of us were completely out of water when we arrived . For dinner I ate an Impossible Whopper from burger king. I was very happy I packed it out along with a can of Rosé. I think I need to eat a nicer meal when I leave town more often. Since we got to camp so late I fell asleep pretty quickly after I ate my dinner.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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