Days 121 to 138: Healing up from MRSA (WARNING: Gross Pictures Included!)

Days 121 to 138 Zeros in Ohio WARNING: This post includes pictures of my foot with packing in it and as it is healing up. I don’t think it looks too bad and certainly not anywhere near as bad as it felt. Just wanted to give reader’s a “heads up” incase anyone is squeamish aboutContinue reading “Days 121 to 138: Healing up from MRSA (WARNING: Gross Pictures Included!)”

Day 116-120: Getting My Foot Cut Open (Literally)

Zeros in Ohio (Read the last two posts to understand how I got to here) I was really really upset that I needed to come home. Leaving the trail when I was so close to the end wasn’t easy at all. How could I make it this far and not finish? It seemed like aContinue reading “Day 116-120: Getting My Foot Cut Open (Literally)”

Day 114 and 115: A Double Zero in Mass and VT.

I woke up at Two Sticks house and I spent the day hanging out with the group of us plus Sunshine who was taking a zero at their house yesterday too. We did various things such as going to a diner for breakfast and visiting the Japanese Spa that Two Sticks’s family owns and hasContinue reading “Day 114 and 115: A Double Zero in Mass and VT.”

Day 108: Entering Massachusetts

Day 108Brassie Brook Shelter to Tom leonard ShelterMiles Hiked: 23.2AT Milage: 1529.2Last night I had the shelter all to myself for the first time. I was bothered by mosquitos but it was bareable. It was the first night in a long time where it was slightly chilly enough to wear my wool sleeping outfit inContinue reading “Day 108: Entering Massachusetts”