Day 114 and 115: A Double Zero in Mass and VT.

I woke up at Two Sticks house and I spent the day hanging out with the group of us plus Sunshine who was taking a zero at their house yesterday too. We did various things such as going to a diner for breakfast and visiting the Japanese Spa that Two Sticks’s family owns and has ran for more than 30 years I believe. We got to go in one of the hot tubs there which felt amazing on my body. The whole day I was limping around and I could barely put pressure on the ball of my right foot. I suspected a blister was going to reform where I previously had a really deep blister before, but the strange thing was, that it didn’t seem like my skin was going to break again. As the day wore on it kept getting worse and worse. By the time I met up with my parents in the evening it was swollen, throbbing, tender, and hot to touch. I was beginning to get really concerned that I had an infection from the blister I had cut open about two weeks ago. The day after I cut open my blister, I ran out of medical supplies to treat it and I walked through ankle deep water and mud. I really wanted to see a doctor as soon as I could because I was worried it was going to be really bad. I couldn’t even stick my foot inside my hiking shoe anymore and I had no idea how on earth I was going to be able to hike in two days. We looked up to see if any doctors in Vermont would accept my insurance but they didn’t. I was able to call a telemedicine doctor on our insurance at 10pm at night and get an antibiotic prescribed. I wanted to get my foot taken care of as fast as possible and this was the only option.

That night I could barely sleep because my foot was so Inflamed and painful. When I woke up the next day somehow it got even worse. I started the antibiotic I was prescribed as soon as we could pick it up at the Walmart next door. For the rest of the day I just hung out with my parents doing as little activity as possible. My sore body was enjoying the time of no movement requirements but I was really worried about my foot all day. I was still planning on getting back on trail the next day hoping a miracle would happen for my foot. Sometime in the evening I just realized it wasn’t going to happen and I knew I needed to have a doctor look at my foot in person to figure out what was really wrong with it. Sadly I made the decision to go home with my parents the next day and take another long break until I could walk normally again.

Happy Trails!


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