PCT Days 119+120: PCT Days @ Cascade Locks

Miles Hiked: ZERO PCT Days is an event where PCT hikers get together to camp for a weekend and attend an expo with lots of gear vendors who do fun give aways and activities. I think it is based off of the better known “Trail Days” that occurs on the Appalachian Trail in the townContinue reading “PCT Days 119+120: PCT Days @ Cascade Locks”

PCT Day 117: Timothy Lake and Pinhead Butte

Miles Hiked: 33.3 PCT Mileage: 2264 This morning I started hiking in the dark. I knew we had to do a big day so we could catch up to Trail Diva at Ollalie tomorrow morning. I personally don’t want to be hiking days this big right now but I don’t have a choice if IContinue reading “PCT Day 117: Timothy Lake and Pinhead Butte”

PCT Day 114: Flip Flop Logistics

Miles Hiked: ZERO This morning chewy was supposed to pick us up at 10am. She was actually supposed to come last night but decided to make the trip in the morning. I was glad because we got in so late last night and I needed as much time as possible to relax. Chewy ended upContinue reading “PCT Day 114: Flip Flop Logistics”

PCT Day 113: Stevens Pass

Miles Hiked: 26.2 PCT Mileage: 2179.1 Today everything was soaking wet when I woke up. Meadows usually produce a lot of condensation over night so I wasn’t surprised. I was also very cold for the first time in a long time this morning. I quickly packed up my things and started walking fast because IContinue reading “PCT Day 113: Stevens Pass”

PCT Day 112: Cathedral Pass

Miles Hiked: 30 PCT Mileage: 2152.9 This morning I started hiking by 5:15am. The day started with a downhill and amazing views of the Cascades. I saw Midnight around mile five at a really nice waterfall. I stopped to eat breakfast and filter some water before continuing down to the bottom of the valley. NextContinue reading “PCT Day 112: Cathedral Pass”

PCT Day 111: 15 miles out of Snoqualamie

Miles Hiked: 15 PCT Mileage: 2122.9 This morning I still woke up early at our hotel. I’m so glad I got a bed last night. My sleeping.psd has been deflating within two hours every night and I keep waking up to blow it up in the middle of the night because the ground feels soContinue reading “PCT Day 111: 15 miles out of Snoqualamie”

PCT Day 109: Mike Urich Cabin

Miles Hiked: 25.2 PCT Mileage: 2078.2 Last night it rained for about 20 minutes. Honestly it was nice because it hasn’t rained on me in so long. I slept in this morning and didn’t start getting ready until around 5:30am. I slowly packed up my things and got on the trail around 6am before bothContinue reading “PCT Day 109: Mike Urich Cabin”

PCT Day 110: Snoqualmie Tunnel

Miles Hiked: 29.2 PCT Mileage: 2107.9 Today I woke up pretty early. I woke up on and off throughout the night thinking it was time to leave already. It was weird and I had some strange dreams. I left camp at 5:50am before anyone else. I hiked downhill for a mile and a half beforeContinue reading “PCT Day 110: Snoqualmie Tunnel”