PCT Day 122: Elk Lake

Miles Hiked: 23.4

PCT Mileage: 2322.8

This morning I left camp around 6am. It was nice to leave late for once. I was sleepy the first part of the day and it went by slow. Despite having a fully weighted pack, it didn’t feel too bad today. I hiked mostly alone until Midnight caught up to me about six miles away from Elk Lake. I highly debated staying on trail since I already had all my things. I could use a night to myself and break up the mileage over the next two days better. Ultimately I decided to go in to Elk Lake with Diva and Midnight because it sounded fun. Even though I only hiked twenty two miles today, the bones in my legs were aching and I felt wrecked. We finished hiking around 2:30pm. The first thing I did when we got to Elk Lake was take off my shoes and rub down my feet.

We ate lunch at the restaurant next to the lake. I had a Ruben Sandwich which I’ve been getting a lot lately in towns. I was so excited to go to be early tonight. After dinner while everyone else went to the lake, I took a shower and went to lay down at camp. I was so exhausted. Midnight let me use her Hammock tonight and helped me set it up. It was so cozy and warm. I absolutely loved being off the ground in a cocoon of feathers.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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