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How Can You Support Me?

Great Question.

A lot of people offer to support me along the way. Thank you SO MUCH for being interested! The reason I made this page is because a lot of people who reach out to support me often do it right at the end of my journey or have no clue what the best course of action is. I feel so lucky to have so many people interested in doing this but it would be a lot more beneficial to spread it out over the course of my hike rather than the last month. That being said, please don’t let this stop you from reaching out if you think it is too late.

To be totally honest I work hard and save my money to do these long hikes without any support. I am very privileged to be in a financial situation to be able to do this but I also make a lot of sacrifices to do what I do. That being said, just because I save up to do this doesn’t mean I have to create content or share anything about my hikes at all. The reason I write and share my experiences is to bring awareness to the reality of what hiking long distance can be like and to inspire others to make the big scary life changing decision to follow your heart! Maybe one day I’ll use all of this as notes to write a book or be paid to write about adventurous things!?So if you are interested in supporting me out of the kindness of your heart or because you think I create valuable content and give decent advice, here are the best ways to do that from the smallest act to the largest. Some of these ideas are also ways you can support thru hikers in general. It doesn’t have to be me. In fact I’d love it just as much if you did trail magic for another hiker and tell me about it!

Ways to Support Me:
1. Subscribe to this blog! And tell your friends about it too. This supports me by motivating me to keep writing and sometimes walking. Blog posts delivered to your inbox when I publish them.

2. Follow my instagram page for the most up to date and interactive information.
3. Do you live along the route I am hiking? I would love a yard to pitch my tent in, a place to take a shower, a ride back to the trail from town, water cached in a dry area, or a bed to sleep in. Send me a personal message on instagram if this is something you are interested in. Please do it a day or more before you think I will arrive at the destination. I often post on delay for safety reasons.
5. Buy Protein Pucks! I have so much to say about this wonderful fuel but the long story short is if you use this link and the code “DESERRAE” at checkout you can get 16% off and I will get a small commission from your sale. I’d like to emphasize that this is very small but you get pucks and I get paid! My dream is to be sponsored by this company and for people everywhere to learn how yummy and delicious these are! Also if you are of the hiker trash type like me this is probably one of the most cost effective, healthy, and high calorie trail foods you can eat so give them a try.
6. Venmo me for something specific. A town beer, a night at a hostel, a new piece of gear, a gift for another hiker I’ve mentioned in my writing? You name it. I won’t say no but this is very generous and I thank you for the tip for my writing.
7. Reach out to me if you have another idea. If you’d like me to do something specific in return for $ maybe I’ll do it. Mail you a specific souvenir, promote something you make, have a one on one call about a future hike you are planning and need advice for? I’ve throw around the idea of a Patreon account with multiple tiers but I don’t want to be too stressed about meeting expectations while I am out hiking. This is just for fun!
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