Day 12: Follow the Carins Karen!

Miles Hiked: 17.3 Total Milage: 176.45 Location: Gila River Alt Mile 26.9 This morning our group all woke up around 5:45am. I did some stretches, drank my breakfast shake, and packed up to go hiking. When Revolt was getting ready I could tell he didn’t feel good and he said that he felt like throwingContinue reading “Day 12: Follow the Carins Karen!”

Day 10: Zero Day #2 / Taco Tuesday

Miles Hiked : ZeroTotal Milage 141.15Location: Triple Crown Hostel, Silver City NM I fell asleep around 7pm last night and slept great until 5:30am. Our friend “Flash” who we met on the AT picked up Itchy at 6am and drove her back to her car in Lordsburg. I talked to Flash out by his carContinue reading “Day 10: Zero Day #2 / Taco Tuesday”

Day 9: Silver City!

Miles Hiked: 18 Total Milage: 141.15 Location: Triple Crown Hostel, Silver City New Mexico Last night I slept great. I woke up around 5:45 to the sounds of my friends packing up their camp things. I woke Itchy up and we started getting ready as well. For breakfast I made a shake of carnation breakfast,Continue reading “Day 9: Silver City!”

Day 8: Burro Mountain Homestead

Miles hiked: 18.2 Total Milage: 123.15 Location: Burro Mountain Homestead Today I woke up around 5am. I was pretty cold last night and I noticed my sleeping bag had a layer of frost on it in the morning. I packed up as quickly and quietly as I could and got on trail around 5:30 am.Continue reading “Day 8: Burro Mountain Homestead”

Day 5: Lordsburg!

Miles Hiked: 14 Total Milage: 84.64 Location: Econolodge, Lordsburg Today I woke up without an alarm around 5am. I did some stretches and packed up quietly before leaving camp around 6am. My goal was to get to the water cache seven miles away before everyone else so I could take a long break before walkingContinue reading “Day 5: Lordsburg!”

Day 1: Crazy Cook!!

Miles Hiked: 17.25 Total Milage: 17.25 Location: Trail Junction off mile 16.7. Commadore Road. This morning we all woke up around 5am and started to get ready for the trail. I took a shower, ate a muffin for breakfast, put on my hiking clothes, and got a call from Luke. Camp Crazy Cook shuttle pickedContinue reading “Day 1: Crazy Cook!!”