Day 5: Lordsburg!

Miles Hiked: 14

Total Milage: 84.64

Location: Econolodge, Lordsburg

Today I woke up without an alarm around 5am. I did some stretches and packed up quietly before leaving camp around 6am. My goal was to get to the water cache seven miles away before everyone else so I could take a long break before walking the rest of the way into town. My feet started hurting a lot and I know everyone else would want to rush in so I wanted to extra time to let feet recover for a little bit.

It was pretty hard to hike in the dark as I expected. The trail isn’t well defined at all and there is no way to tell which direction you’re going in the dark without the mapping application “Guthook”. I was thankful when the sun started to come up and I could see better.

Halfway to the water cache I stopped to stretch. I ate the remainder of my “Rx bars” on the way into town. I’m already so tired of them I plan to never eat then again the rest of the trail. The hot sun would melt them so the chocolate would get all slimy and greasy.

At the water cache I stretched some more while waiting for everyone else to get there. When they did we all did the road walk into town together. I was so excited to get there and lay down. Jenga, Free Fall, Itchy, and I all got a hotel room together for $15 each a night. We went to McDonald’s in Itchy’s car first before getting showers and starting town chores.

For dinner we all went to Mexican restaurant called “Ramona’s”. The portions were perfectly large, cheap, and delicious for all of us hungry hikers. We plan on taking a zero tomorrow! I’m excited for a rest day. I think my feet really need it.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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