Day 6: Zero # 1

Miles hiked: 0

Total Milage: 84.6

Location: Econolodge Lordsburg, New Mexico

Today was a zero day! I had so much stuff to do. First we started off with laundry and I had my left over mexican food for breakfast. Then we planned out the route to silver city before I went to the grocery store to get food for the next stretch. There is a fire closure due to a prescribed burn so we found a route that involves hiking as less highway miles as possible. We even found a spot to cache our selves water. I tried to patch my sleeping pad yesterday and found about 20 holes in it which led me to give up on that pad and seek out a new one.

Around noon Itchy, Free Fall, Jenga and I picked up Revolt from his hotel and drove to Silver City. Itchy left her car in Lordsburg while she is hiking this section and it was a lifesaver. We were able to drive 45 minutes to the next trail town where Revolt got a new pair of shoes he desperately needed, I got a new sleeping pad, Jenga got new trekking poles ( his other ones broke), Itchy got tons of first aid stuff for blister care, and we got some polycro to make ground sheets for cowboy camping. We all needed really important gear for the next stretch and would have been in pretty bad shape without it. I absolutely LOVED Silver City. I can’t wait to get there again after hiking from Lordsburg. The town had a main strip with tons of murals, thrift stores, and coffee shops. Itchy and I took some pictures and we all got to eat Mexican food AGAIN! I had some amazing chili rellenos and a margarita. New Mexico is known for its red and green chili’s I have a feeling I will be eating a lot of them.

When we got back from Silver City I got to call my family and relax in the hotel room. I tried to make a you tube video from all the footage I got and was terribly unsuccessful. I decided not to post any youtube videos at all for the whole trail. I’m kind of bummed but also glad I will no long be spending a significant portion of a glorious zero day trying to edit videos. The long story short is that my phone can barely handle all the storage required to download, edit, and upload videos. I plan to get more SD cards to record footage almost as much and maybe try to lean some editing on a computer when I finish.

I ended up getting great sleep this night and I was so happy we all got to zero together.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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