PCT Day 31: I’m Going to Be

Miles Hiked: 17.6 PCT Mileage: 511 I woke up feeling absolutely fatigued this morning. Everything hurt. I did start my period yesterday and usually I have a hard time hiking when that happens. I wasn’t surprised by how bad I felt. It took my time packing up camp and doing stretches before hiking up allContinue reading “PCT Day 31: I’m Going to Be”

PCT Day 30: Another Day another Burn Area

Miles Hiked: 15.2 PCT Mileage: 493.4 This morning I woke up in the Manzanita Forest of Casa De Luna. I packed up all my things and went out front to the driveway to hang out with everyone. Joe made us all pancakes for breakfast with fresh fruit and coffee. We all put on Hawaiian shirtsContinue reading “PCT Day 30: Another Day another Burn Area”

PCT Day 23-27: Five Zeros at the Acton KOA :(

Miles Hiked: Zero I spent a total of five days at the Acton KOA waiting for my shin injury to heal. When I limped into town I knew I was in trouble and needed at least three days off. I got in contact with Morgan who runs Blaze Physio. She is a physical therapist whoContinue reading “PCT Day 23-27: Five Zeros at the Acton KOA :(“

Day 20: Wrightwood and Baden Powell

Miles Hiked: 14.5 Total Mileage: 383.9 I have to admit this is the first time I have been caught up on my blog since the first week on trail! Although I still ended up writing this at a break the next afternoon. I have been struggling so much to write and take photos. I’m notContinue reading “Day 20: Wrightwood and Baden Powell”

PCT Day 19: Uphill on Sore Legs

Miles Hiked: 22.1 Total Mileage: 369.3 When I woke up my eyes the sun was bright in the sky. I panicked and thought I slept in until 7am or later. It wasn’t even six yet. I saw lost boy next to me eating some chicken nuggets he packed out. Everyone else was all ready toContinue reading “PCT Day 19: Uphill on Sore Legs”