PCT Day 19: Uphill on Sore Legs

Miles Hiked: 22.1

Total Mileage: 369.3

When I woke up my eyes the sun was bright in the sky. I panicked and thought I slept in until 7am or later. It wasn’t even six yet. I saw lost boy next to me eating some chicken nuggets he packed out. Everyone else was all ready to go and left camp while I packed up. At this point I was still planning on pushing past wrightwood. I got such a late start and had over 5,000 feet of certainly gain ahead of me. As I hiked, I noticed how sore my legs and the rest of my body were. When I caught up to the others cam let me know they were trying to find a place in town to stay and asked if I was interested. I was hesitant but eventually that no became a yes. I definitely needed a rest day. As we climbed on, the day didn’t get any warmer. In fact I was freezing all day with the cold wind blowing. Anytime I took a break I had my puffy on and sleeping bag out. I couldn’t get over how cold it was.

Today I could see some bigger peaks with snow on top nearby as we climbed higher. Near the end we got to walk through a nice forest of pines. I took two long breaks for lunch and snacks with everyone else and we all got to the Angeles Crest Highway around 5pm.

We stood on the side of the not busy road trying to hitch hike to town. It was about 10 minutes before Angus, Lost Boy and I got picked up in the first car. We got dropped off at the grocery store while we waited for the others to get in. Everyone in town was so nice to us. The grocery store even had a charging area and free snack section for hikers! Eventually once everyone was in town, we all ordered pizza and went to the brewery next door. Town food was amazing. It was so nice to get laundry done and take a shower! I was thankful for Dirt Magnet and Cam for setting this up. I was also really glad to be sleeping inside tonight as it is supposed to be 20 degrees on the trail.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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