PCT Day 114: Flip Flop Logistics

Miles Hiked: ZERO This morning chewy was supposed to pick us up at 10am. She was actually supposed to come last night but decided to make the trip in the morning. I was glad because we got in so late last night and I needed as much time as possible to relax. Chewy ended upContinue reading “PCT Day 114: Flip Flop Logistics”

PCT Day 113: Stevens Pass

Miles Hiked: 26.2 PCT Mileage: 2179.1 Today everything was soaking wet when I woke up. Meadows usually produce a lot of condensation over night so I wasn’t surprised. I was also very cold for the first time in a long time this morning. I quickly packed up my things and started walking fast because IContinue reading “PCT Day 113: Stevens Pass”

PCT Day 112: Cathedral Pass

Miles Hiked: 30 PCT Mileage: 2152.9 This morning I started hiking by 5:15am. The day started with a downhill and amazing views of the Cascades. I saw Midnight around mile five at a really nice waterfall. I stopped to eat breakfast and filter some water before continuing down to the bottom of the valley. NextContinue reading “PCT Day 112: Cathedral Pass”

PCT Day 111: 15 miles out of Snoqualamie

Miles Hiked: 15 PCT Mileage: 2122.9 This morning I still woke up early at our hotel. I’m so glad I got a bed last night. My sleeping.psd has been deflating within two hours every night and I keep waking up to blow it up in the middle of the night because the ground feels soContinue reading “PCT Day 111: 15 miles out of Snoqualamie”

PCT Day 109: Mike Urich Cabin

Miles Hiked: 25.2 PCT Mileage: 2078.2 Last night it rained for about 20 minutes. Honestly it was nice because it hasn’t rained on me in so long. I slept in this morning and didn’t start getting ready until around 5:30am. I slowly packed up my things and got on the trail around 6am before bothContinue reading “PCT Day 109: Mike Urich Cabin”

PCT Day 110: Snoqualmie Tunnel

Miles Hiked: 29.2 PCT Mileage: 2107.9 Today I woke up pretty early. I woke up on and off throughout the night thinking it was time to leave already. It was weird and I had some strange dreams. I left camp at 5:50am before anyone else. I hiked downhill for a mile and a half beforeContinue reading “PCT Day 110: Snoqualmie Tunnel”

PCT Day 106: Goat Rocks Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 25.3 PCT Mileage: 2003.6 This morning I woke up at 4:30 without an alarm. I noticed that the mosquitos were not out and I got excited. I closed my eyes for fifteen more minutes before packing up as fast as I could. I didn’t want them to come out and attack me firstContinue reading “PCT Day 106: Goat Rocks Wilderness”

PCT Day 105: Mount Adams Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 30.5 PCT Mileage: 1978.3 Today I barely made it on the shuttle back to trail in time. I opened my eyes at 7am. Thirty minutes before it left. I packed up my things quickly, back flushed my filter, and got a breakfast burrito and juice from the store. I was throwing everything inContinue reading “PCT Day 105: Mount Adams Wilderness”

PCT Day 102: Bridge of the Gods

Miles Hiked: 25.2 PCT Mileage: 1897.3 This morning I woke up at the Cascade Locks Park in my cowboy camp. I was too tired to pitch my tent last night despite sleeping in town. Usually I prefer to have some privacy when sleeping in public. It was a cool night. The first cool night onContinue reading “PCT Day 102: Bridge of the Gods”

PCT Day 100 and 101: A reevaluation

Miles Hiked: ZERO After the events of the last 24 hours and hiking out in the middle of the night, I spent two days thinking about my plans moving forward with the trail. The 60 mile section between Hwy 138 and Shelter Cove have been closed. Another fire near the California and Oregon border brokeContinue reading “PCT Day 100 and 101: A reevaluation”

PCT Day 99: A Wild Turn of Events

Miles Hiked: 42 PCT Mileage: 1872.1 (mileage north) This morning I was motivated to get moving at 5am. I groggily packed up all my things and started walking down the trail at 5:15am. The trail was totally flat this morning and went through a forest of young trees. It was 10 miles to a waterContinue reading “PCT Day 99: A Wild Turn of Events”