PCT Day 123: Obsidian Fields

Miles Hiked: 30.5

PCT Mileage: 2353.3

This morning I left Elk Lake around 6am with Trail Diva. Midnight left about an hour earlier so she can get to the road early and hitch in to Bend to hang out with her boyfriend Zach before he flies home. The day started in some dense woods before opening up into a large view of a meadow with the “Sisters” in the background I believe. They are three photogenic volcanic mountains in Oregon. I think they would be cool to climb, but after Mount Shasta I am in no hurry to climb a volcano again. Speaking of which we also hit our first field of volcanic rock to hike through today and it absolutely sucked. The tiny rocks and slippery ash slowed my pace significantly. Thankfully it didn’t last too long. I was feeling tired and so annoyed I had to hike thirty miles today. My body feels so bad. I just want to be done or at least keep the miles way lower and slower. Luckily I was still able to keep up with Trail Diva all day but I hurt even worse by the end. We got to walk through fields of Obsidian stone which was so cool! The shiny black rock is said to have protective properties apparently. By the time we got to Lava Camp Lake it was 4pm. We headed into the town of Sisters for food after.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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