Day 97: Cirque of the Towers

Miles Hiked: 22.2 Total Milage: 1580.2 Location: Cirque of the Towers Today I woke up at 5am at my parents campground. I started getting ready to hike and said goodbye to them. It was hard of course. I might potentially see them in my next town because they will still be on vacation but I’mContinue reading “Day 97: Cirque of the Towers”

Day 92: Chama Round 2

Miles Hiked: 21.2 Total Milage: 1538.3 Location: Chama, New Mexico This morning the three of us woke up around 5:30am and started hiking around 6:15. The sunrise was so pretty. The day started off with a gentle climb up a plateau. After that we walked through some green alpine meadows with lots of rocks andContinue reading “Day 92: Chama Round 2”

Day 90: Onwards to Cumbres

Miles Hiked: 21.4 Total Milage: 1492.1 Today I woke up around 6:30am. Revolt drove us back to the trail around 7am. When he dropped us off I was so sad to say goodbye. I wish he was coming with us! Thank you so much Revolt and Julie for all your hospitality and hanging out withContinue reading “Day 90: Onwards to Cumbres”

Day 88: Wolf Creek Pass

Miles Hiked: 21.1 Total Milage: 1470.7 Location: Pagosa Springs, Colorado Today I was really tired so I slept in until around 6am. 12 pack and I left camp together around 7am. We started the day by climbing to the top of a beautiful mountain and then descending it and walking along a ridge. When weContinue reading “Day 88: Wolf Creek Pass”

Day 87: Butter Knife Edge

Miles Hiked: 21 Total Milage: 1449.6 Location: San Juan Mountains This morning I started to get ready around 5:15am. I did not sleep last night AGAIN. I am feeling so exhausted from all this not sleeping. I left camp before 12 pack. I was happy to hike by myself for a little bit this morningContinue reading “Day 87: Butter Knife Edge”

Day 86: Lightning Strikes

Miles Hiked: 19.6 Total Milage: 428.6 Location: San Juan National Forest This morning I “woke up” at 6am. At this point I can’t even remember the last night I have actually had sleep. I think around 5am I finally drifted off but I had to get hiking. I can’t wait to get to town. IContinue reading “Day 86: Lightning Strikes”