Day 39: Going SOBO over Pond Mountain

Day 39 Kincora to Vandeventer Shelter Miles Hiked: 17.6 AT Milage: 437.6 This morning Emma and I woke up at Kincora around 8am. Last night Bob offered to drive Emma and I to Watagua lake so we could slack pack 9miles southbound over Pond Mountain back to Kincora. He said after that he would driveContinue reading “Day 39: Going SOBO over Pond Mountain”

Days 30-33: 4 Zeros for the Tomm’s (and my body)

Miles Hiked: Zero AT Milage: 344.1 I knew from the start of my hike that I would be getting off the trail for a few days so I could go see my best friends get married back in Cleveland Ohio. Because of this I purposely did not take a single day off the trail untilContinue reading “Days 30-33: 4 Zeros for the Tomm’s (and my body)”