Day 42: A Zero in Damascus, VA

Day 42

The Place

Miles Hiked: Zero

This morning I slept until 7:30AM but I barely got any sleep last night. I was frustrated because one of the major reasons I like to get a place to sleep other than my tent for the night is to catch up on all the sleep I miss out on the trail. We had to leave the hostel between 10 and 2pm today so that the caretaker could clean it. It was kinda of an odd rule but since we are only paying $8 it didn’t matter too much. Emma and I hung out in the public park and walked around town most of the day. I sent some post cards in the mail and did my laundry at another hostel that offered it for $5. I was so bored and tried to relax but it was kind of hard because I didn’t feel very comfortable at the hostel. I ate a lot of food. I try to over eat an extreme amount when I go to town because I end up starving every day on the trail no matter what. I would rather not carry a super heavy pack due to the amount of food I need either. I spent the rest of the day looking through the guide book at our next town stops looking at the easiest ways to get off trail, the cheapest places to stay, and for all you can eat buffets. At the end of the day Emma, Parker, and I walked to food city and I bought a pint of ice cream to eat on the walk back. I took melatonin hoping it will help me get a lot of sleep tonight. We want to leave early in the morning and try to get on a more regular hiking and sleeping schedule.

Happy Trails!


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