Day 41: The Place

Day 41

Stealth Spot to Damascus, VA

Miles Hiked: 15.3

AT Milage: 470.7

This morning Emma and I hit the trail right at 7am. We were really excited to get to town, we were looking forward to the pizza buffet for a long time. We quickly made it to town by 2pm. We crossed the Tennessee/ Virginia border and took one major break to get water. Water has been scarce on the trail for the last 40 miles and it has been really hot outside. We saw a black bear (#5) run across the trail about 6 miles from town. The first thing we did when we got into town was go to an outfitter to look for some things that we needed. They were out of all most everything since Trail Days was last weekend and 20,000 hikers were in town buying everything. Next we checked into the hostel known as “The Place”. This hostel is inside in a 100+ year old church and it is the oldest hostel on the trail. We met a hiker named Parker at The Place who made it to Damascus in 20 days! He said he has to average around 26 mile days every day to make it here and it is his first zero. At 4pm all of us got showers and walked to Pizza Plus to eat dinner. It was an all you can eat pizza and salad dinner for $8. We ate so much food and then went to the grocery store to buy food for the next few days. We had a great time hanging out. We were laughing about how we were the only people each other had talked to for a significant amount of time in a few days. Back at the hostel we just hung out and went to bed around 9.


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