PCT Days 119+120: PCT Days @ Cascade Locks

Miles Hiked: ZERO

PCT Days is an event where PCT hikers get together to camp for a weekend and attend an expo with lots of gear vendors who do fun give aways and activities. I think it is based off of the better known “Trail Days” that occurs on the Appalachian Trail in the town of Damascus around the end of May. I didn’t get the opportunity to go to Trail Days on the AT in 2019 and ever since then I’ve wanted to go to Trail Days really bad but it never worked out. Before I started hiking the PCT, I knew that I wanted to make every effort possible to get to trail days on the PCT this year. It even played into our flip flopping decision. I knew that no matter what I did I’d have to get off trail and come backwards to trail days.

The first day of Trail Days I had extremely low energy. I tried to visit as many vendor booths as I could. I got lots of free stickers, a free mini cork ball, chapstick, a pack towel, and some other goodies. We all hung out in the shade drinking beer for a while. Everyone was looking for a party at the end of the day but nothing was planned. I ended up laying down in my tent and hanging out with my friends. I fell asleep as we were hanging out I was that tired. It was still a really fun night despite not being filled with action. I was glad I had a day to lay down a rest. I was hoping to party the first day so I could recover on the second day but I really needed to recover from hiking first.

The second day of trail days was a lot more fun because I actually had the energy to run around and hang out with everyone. My friends won a lot of the giveaways and I was super happy for them. It seemed like everyone else had more energy today too. We ended up partying the second night despite everyone needing to get back on trail and hike tomorrow. I don’t want to feel unrested while hiking but these things are worth it sometimes.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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