PCT Day 118: Ollalie Lake

Miles Hiked: 12.7

PCT Mileage: 2276.7

Today I woke up feeling super sore but I knew I had to do the remaining miles to Ollalie Lake by 10am. I hate having a deadline to meet on trail but I want a ride to trail days! I started hiking in the dark. Despite not having long between camp and the lake, I still stopped for some breaks because I hurt so bad. Right before Ollalie Lake we started going through a burn zone that has been closed for three years. They recently just opened the whole closure so we will be able to walk through the whole thing! The burn zone was depressing and when I showed up to Ollalie Lake I wondered how on earth the resort was still open. The place looked so depressing and offered almost no amenities besides a roof over the head. They don’t have electricity, laundry, or showers. Somehow they do have a cash only camp store with some semi cold beverages in a fridge I suspect they turn on via a generator for an hour a day. I got myself a beer and a post card. Trail Diva was there with her boyfriend Kurt. He showed up in a 1967 Chevrolet Biscayne that he restored. It already broke down on the way here. It was a cool car for sure but definitely not practical for all the driving we are about to be doing in it. Especially on dirt roads…

It was a three hour drive to Cascade Locks and Kurt pulled over to fix something on the car multiple times. Luckily he knows what he is doing. I think you kind of have to if you drive a car you restored. We stopped in Hood River to get some groceries and car parts. Afterwards I was dropped off in Stevenson, Washington with Midnight at the hotel she got for the night with her boyfriend Zach who was going to meet us in Cascade Locks later in the day. At the hotel, I took a shower and sorted through my pack along with picking up a package at the post office across the street. After we were ready, Midnight and I hitched down the road to Bridge of the Gods. We walked over the bridge to the campground at the Marine Park where I would stay the night with my friends Pop Rocks and Tiger Lily who surprised me by coming to trail days. Once I got my tent set up and we hung out for a while, I went over to another campground to say Hi to Morgan of Blaze Physio. Everyone is in town today and it’s so exciting! I got to check out Blazes Van she has been living out of full time for the past four years in detail. I ended the night with everyone else at Thunder Island Brewing company where a DJ was playing for a Trail Days Pre-Party. It was so much fun to see everyone again and just hang out for the night. A lot of people were dancing and I joined in for a little bit but ultimately my feet still hurt, my knees were aching, and I just did not have the energy to party with everyone else. I don’t know how anyone else could be jumping around after walking 2000 miles. I was relieved to go to bed around 11pm. I’m looking forward to the next few days of hanging out with Pop Rocks and Tiger Lily.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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