PCT Day 100 and 101: A reevaluation

Miles Hiked: ZERO After the events of the last 24 hours and hiking out in the middle of the night, I spent two days thinking about my plans moving forward with the trail. The 60 mile section between Hwy 138 and Shelter Cove have been closed. Another fire near the California and Oregon border brokeContinue reading “PCT Day 100 and 101: A reevaluation”

PCT Day 99: A Wild Turn of Events

Miles Hiked: 42 PCT Mileage: 1872.1 (mileage north) This morning I was motivated to get moving at 5am. I groggily packed up all my things and started walking down the trail at 5:15am. The trail was totally flat this morning and went through a forest of young trees. It was 10 miles to a waterContinue reading “PCT Day 99: A Wild Turn of Events”

PCT Day 87: Trinity Alps Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 37.2 PCT Mileage: 1568.8 This morning I got on trail around 6am. I was hurting before the day even got started. The morning was pretty with a sunrise over Mount Shasta. I hiked the first eight miles alone. It was pretty easy but my feet were hurting. I took a break at aContinue reading “PCT Day 87: Trinity Alps Wilderness”