PCT Day 89: Etna

Miles Hiked: 2.3

PCT Mileage: 1601.9

Today I slept in until after 8am. A sign I am super exhausted because it’s usually really hard for me to sleep in. My feet were still swollen and everything hurt. I didn’t want to get out of bed. So I didn’t. Not until around 10am. Then I went to the Barkery in town to pick up breakfast for everyone and I bought a giant loaf of day old country french bread to take on the trail. I’ve always wanted to do a loaf from a bakery! It will be a lot to eat on my own. I also got us all smoothies. I was so thankful to Midnight for the surprise hotel room! We were planning on camping in the park where hikers are allowed to stay. I think it’s awesome this town even has charging, a shower, and a hiker box for the hikers at the park along with the $5 camping.

After breakfast I took a bath in the giant tub with Epson salt. It’s the biggest bathtub I’ve ever been in. We had to check out by noon so I got all my things together and went to the store to resupply. The grocery store was so expensive. $5 for a jar of peanut butter. I decided to get peanut butter and most of my other snacks from the hiker box in the park. Since it was only a two day food carry, I bought some fresh food including celery and bananas. After that I hung out with the other hikers in town at the library. The town allows free swimming at the public pool between 1 and 5pm so we all went. I took a quick dip but I’m not the biggest swimmer. It was fun to hang out with everyone else including Chewy and Road Soda.

Before getting back on the trail, we got dinner at Dotty’s with Juliana who gave us a ride. Juliana’s husband “Walter White” is thru hiking this year and she follows him around in their RV. She drives hikers to the trail in her spare time. I got a jumbo banana milkshake with chocolate syrup. I honestly felt sick after it because it was so big. It was 6:30pm by the time we got dropped off. I was happy to be back on trail but I didn’t want to hike far. I was still hurting so bad and knew I needed rest. We only hiked 2 miles and I was so happy we did. I didn’t want to night hike or do much at all. It was the perfect amount to hike. I knew that after once more night of rest I would feel better tomorrow. We set up camp in a flat area with lots of dead tree branches. Chewy, Road Soda, Galleleio, and Homebrew all camped nearby.. it was fun to see them! I talked to chewy and Home Brew a lot before falling asleep. It was nice to be on trail with Midnight again too.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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