PCT Day 93: Type 1 Fun

Miles Hiked: 26.4

PCT Mileage: 1717.7

Today I packed up camp in the dark. I was on the trail within 15 minutes of opening my eyes. I love being able to wake up and start hiking immediately. I left camp right behind Homebrew. I kept forgetting that we were in Oregon this morning. I had to keep reminding myself that. The vegetation was lush and a stark contrast to California. I’m surprised how quickly the trail changed. The sunrise was gorgeous as I walked down the easiest section of trail yet. I passed all the water sources until I got a to small stream that crossed the trail around mile eight. I was excited to get to Ashland today! Here I took a break and rolled out my feet and waited as everyone else showed up. I love being ahead of the group just so I can get somewhere and take a longer break before anyone else shows up.

After the break, it was uphill for a while. I hiked so fast without even thinking about it. I was on my phone as I hiked because it was the first time I had cell service in a while and I was telling my family I made it to Oregon! At the top of the climb was a cooler stocked full of sodas. Could Oregon be any more perfect? I sat on the cooler for a while taking another long break and watching as my friends climbed the hill in the distance. I had a lemon lime “Shasta” soda. I was so stoked about it because I had views of Mount Shasta this morning and I’ve been wondering where all the Shasta soda is sold!

I was behind everyone else as we descended from near the top of Mount Ashland. The trail went through an exposed field and I saw so many local people walking their dogs and hiking up the mountain. They all would stop to get off the trail for us and tell us congratulations for making it to Oregon! Near the bottom of the hill was a picnic table with a water faucet next to a house. The trail went right over this person’s driveway. The person who owned the house came out and gave us some fresh Arugula from his greenhouse. It was so good and tasted way different than the store bought kind. Then he gave us a tour of his greenhouse and I absolutely loved it. I was so jealous of all the fresh vegetables he was growing himself. Something I haven’t had access to in a long time. After the tour I stayed in the shade by the picnic table taking a long break. Everyone else left because they were in a rush to get to town and escape the heat. I didn’t care! Miraculously there was a little sign advertising free wifi. I took advantage of it and it was amazing.

I finally left my brake spot around 1:30pm so I could show up at Callahan’s just in time for happy hour. It’s a lodge at the bottom of the hill where hikers hitch into the town of Ashland from. I got there at 3:30. Homebrews parents were visiting and they let me take a shower in their hotel room before going to dinner. The lodge was probably one of the nicer places I have eaten on the trail. We found out that happy hour wasn’t on the weekends and I was annoyed I waited around for it. I could have been in Ashland hours ago if I wanted to. I had two beers, a salad, and some appetizers I split with Trail Diva before we went to the road to hitchhike to Ashland. We stood on the interstate 5 on ramp. We had to hitch on Interstate 5 before near Shasta if you remember. It wasn’t long before a local stopped to pick us up and take us exactly where we needed to go. Diva and I were staying at Midnight’s friends house. I was grateful for a free place to stay and sleep on the floor.

Once we got set up.at Emily’s house, Diva and I met up with Gushers at a Thai place for dinner. I bought ice cream and kombucha to have at the house tonight. Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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