PCT Day 94: Ashland

Miles Hiked: 0

Today I took a zero in the town of Ashland. I woke up early after barely sleeping at all last night. I looked over the map of Oregon and made a plan to get around the fire closure north of Bend. It’s called “lions head” and it was been closed for the last three years. Most people are skippin more miles than is necessary to get around it but I’m not about missing miles. I’m so sad I’m going to have to miss any at all but I don’t think sneaking thru it is the right thing to do. After Diva and I woke up and got ready for the day we met Gushers for breakfast at Ruby’s. Then wr had to go to REI so I could get a new pair of shoes. Diva and Gushers both needed gear as well. REI didn’t have the shoes or insoles I have been wearing for the past 6,000 miles. One of the employees was very helpful in getting me a new shoe to try out. I am nervous to change anything!I don’t want to have foot problems again like I did on the AT. After REI we went to Trader Joe’s next door. I was so excited. They always have the best snacks I get so excited to pack out for a resupply! I wish they had Trader Joe’s along the trail more often. After that we went to the post office and then Safeway. Today felt so stressful for me. I didn’t feel like I got to relax at all. I just wanted to go to the house and lay down but I didn’t feel like I had any time for that. At Safeway I got myself food to mail to Shelter Cove where I will be in a few days. I heard the resupply there is limited and expensive. I’d rather pay to mail a box than pay double the price for food I’m not excited about. For dinner we had Indian food. I went to bed around 8pm but hardly slept because the cat was bothering me all night long. I ended up going outside to sleep and my air mattress completely deflated in under an hour probably because the cat stabbed it. That means I’ll be sleeping on the ground for the foreseeable future.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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