PCT Day 95: Klum Landing

Miles Hiked: 30.4

PCT Mileage: 1750.4

Today I woke up at 5am after sleeping only two hours. I ended up going outside to the porch last night because the cat was bothering me so much. It kept trying to swat my head while I was drifting off to sleep and scarring me. I was so tired and didn’t want to go back to the trail. I took a shower in hopes of feeling better and then hitched on the road with Diva at 6am. Midnight was on her way back to the trail with a friend and stopped to pick us up. In ten minutes we were getting dropped off at the I 5 exit where I hitched from two days ago. The day started with a mile road walk to get back to the trail. Then we busted out ten miles through the woods to the first water source passing Pilot Rock on the way. Today I am carrying a collapsible hula hoop. Diva knows a lot.of Hula Hoops tricks and I thought it would be a fun light thing to carry. Plus I want to try and have as much fun in Oregon as possible. I have really questioned my energy levels in terms of having the ability to Hula Hoop in the middle of a 30 mile hiking day. The hoop weighs about one pound.

At the water source, I used my gravity water system for the first time. I am so grateful. All I have to do is fill up my bag, connect the filter and water bottle, and then hang it up and it automatically filters while I relax or do other camp chores. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do that method of filtering but I’m so stoked about it. I’ll share a picture of it on another post. I ate my rosemary break with cherry tomatoes and hummus for my morning snack. The sole of my right foot was feeling raw from my shoes and I was nervous about my feet hurting this section.

I left the lunch spot last because I was so tired. I was taking my time listening to music and walking down the trail real slow. I took several breaks despite knowing I was far behind Diva. It was hot and I wanted to catch up on my blog writing some. I met up with Diva at a water source called little Hyatt reservoir outlet. I drank an orange soda I packed out and we played with the hula hoop for the second time today. It was nice and shady after an exposed short road walk. I was glad to be resting. We stayed there for about an hour. The water was smelly so I wanted to wait until the next source in a mile to fill up more. Right before we were about to leave the sky suddenly became overcast and it started to rain lightly. A man dropped off a cooler of cold beverages and offered us a Gatorade. I was so excited about it! Diva and I hiked together while it was a little rainy and overcast. I loved it. We caught up to Gushers who I was happy to see again and we all camped at Klum Landing together.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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