PCT Day 128: Glacier Peak Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 27.9

PCT Mileage: 2474.3

This morning I was freezing. The moment I popped my head out of my sleeping bag. I accidentally dumped a whole pot of water in my tent. When I went to start my stove. I wiped up the mess with my socks. I cooked a mix of oatmeal, carnation breakfast, and coffee for breakfast. It warmed me up very well while I packed up. I didn’t leave camp until 7:00 a.m.. It was nice to take my time today!

The whole day was incredibly beautiful. After all the big clouds went away and the sun came out all I could see were Mountain peaks were miles and miles. It looks like a screensaver. Some of the peaks even had snow on them. Upon closer inspection a lot of the snow was actually glaciers. Midnight, Trail. Diva and I all took our breaks together today and it was really fun. After going over red pass, we descended to the valley to eat lunch. We crossed Kennedy Creek today which I was really nervous about because I heard it was dangerous. The trail was gnarly leading up to it. Lots of mud down trees and bushes in the way. The sound of the rushing water made me nervous. When I got there, it wasn’t as bad as I had expected but definitely sketchy if you were not careful. The chocolate milk colored water was going fast, but the Rocky River wasn’t too wide. At least. I watched some people cross upstream on a log that was partially wet. Since my feet were still dry, I decided to give it a try. I was successful and so were the rest of my family. We had a big 3K foot climb to end the day. My quads were tired but I powered through it. Thankfully my body has felt a lot better lately. I ate ramen for dinner at Fire Creek before climbing up to the top of Fire Creek Pass. We wanted to camp at Mica lake but every campsite was taken. It has been so hard to find a campsite everywhere we go in Washington. Sites are really small and there are so many people! We continued on another mile before setting up camp and some grass. I stayed up writing in my journal since it was too cold to do it last night.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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