Day 16: Cruising

Miles Hiked: 21.7

Total Mileage: 294.7

It was freezing cold when I woke up this morning. I had no motivation to get out of my sleeping bag until it got a little bit warmer. This morning was the first time I used my gloves on the PCT. I left camp before Angus and Rainbow. Before leaving I checked the map for the day and the terrain looked incredibly easy. It was. I skipped the first and only water source we had for the first 17 miles of the day. Since I already had three liters there was no reason to get anymore. The trail was super gentle and followed a forested ridge next to the town of Big Bear. I was able to get a view of the lake we hung out at yesterday. 5 miles in I was taking a break and stretching when Angus appeared. He said he had friends who were going to see him on the trail in about 8 miles if I was interested in hanging out with them. Angus is from the UK so it is crazy that he would know someone from home who could come visit him in America.

8 miles later I found myself sitting in a dirt road pull off with Angus, Rainbow, Dirt Magnet , and Cam. We laid around in the sun waiting for Angus’s friend Josh. After a while Angus realized his friends must be lost so he went down the first road to look for them. He returned in a Tesla which was really funny. Josh and his friend Golchang brought us some beers and we hung out for a while with them. They were very fun to get to know.

In the late afternoon we all pushed on to camp together. It was fun hiking with Dirt Magnet and Cam they are both from the UK was well. We all camped near a pretty creek. I pitched my tent tonight since I was so cold last night. I learned that my filter has a crack in it today and it has been leaking all over. I need to contact the company who makes it in town and look into buying a steripen. Filtering water is my least favorite thing to do on trail ever. They seem so much easier to use if the water is clear. I fell asleep shortly after we got to camp since I was so tired today. I didn’t sleep well in town.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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