PCT Day 15: Big Bear

Miles Hiked: 6.9

Total Mileage: 273

I woke up early at Kenny’s despite trying to sleep in. I took some time to catch up on my blog and post on social media. I’ve been so checked out of the internet it was hard to make myself post anything. I just haven’t been inspired. Or maybe I’ve just been having too much fun. Kenny made all 15 of us a massive breakfast of potatoes and spices, waffles, fruit salad, eggs, and sausage. He did all this before driving everyone around all day. He drove hikers back to the trail, into town, and to the post office. It’s hard to believe one man could do it all.

I spent a little bit of time in the town of Big Bear to buy some post cards and have lunch. I had one of my favorite meals here so far. It was a lox and cream cheese bagel with capers! one of my favorite meals ever. I hung out on the beach with Angus and Rainbow while we waited for Kenny to pick us back up and bring us to the trail. He dropped us off around 5pm. I felt so well rested. I was genuinely sad to leave Kenny’s just because he was so nice and kind. I’m so glad I decided to stay with him!

Back on trail I hiked six more miles to camp with Angus and Rainbow. It was super easy hiking. I could tell it was going to be a cold night before I even laid down. If I had to guess it did get below freezing.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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