PCT Day 28: Augua Dulce

Miles Hiked: 14.3

PCT Mileage: 458.5

I was so anxious to leave this morning. Today would be the day I’d decide to keep hiking or take time off the trail. I wasn’t in a rush to leave since the weather was relatively cool and my only goal was to make it at least ten miles. Taking down my tent and moving it from the spot it stayed in the last few days was so nice. I couldn’t wait to get out of that campground. I hiked out with Pippin, Fry, Dirty Mike, and Lumber Jack around 8am.

The first mile went okay. I could feel my shin but it wasn’t hurting that bad. I looked at my watch around mile two and was thinking oh boy it were only two miles in and it feels like this I have no idea what mile ten will be like. We crossed the train tracks of the train that prevented me from getting restful sleep the entire time I was at the KOA. It would go by multiple times per hour and blow it’s whistle really loud. Right next to it was an underwhelming completion monument commemorating the completion of the Pacific Crest Trail. I talked to Fry and it was nice to pass the time and keep my mind off of the possibility of getting off trail. It was hard not to worry the whole time. After passing under a highway via a long dark tunnel, the trail went through a park known as Vasquez Rocks. According to my map, a lot of movies have been filmed there but I didn’t recognize the location since I don’t watch a whole lot of TV. There were signs identifying some plants that were cool. I learned two new ones. Desert Cucumbers (which apparently are poisonous according to Fry) and Bladder Pod.

By the time we got on the road that lead to Augua Dulce, I felt like I was good enough to keep on hiking. The trail goes straight through the town of Augua Dulce. We all ate lunch together at the Mexican Restaurant. I had a Chile Relleno and a Margarita. It was the most food I’d ever left on my plate as a hiker but I wasn’t too hungry after being in town and resting for so many days in a row. At the Mexican place I also hung out with Tom, Fried Green, Sunshine, and Chef. I hiked out around 4pm continuing on a road. We all set up camp together about four miles out of town. I was thankful I was feeling better but still really worried. I fell asleep rather early while everyone else hung out late into the evening.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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