Day 4: Washes

Miles Hiked: 18.3

Total Milage: 70.6

Location: Wash with Free Fall, Itchy, Jenga, Revolt, and Rad

Today I woke up Incredibly well rested and well fed for the first time on the trail. Jenga, Rad and I all left camp around 7am. We passed Itchy and Free Fall camping in a wash about a mile past us. I’m sad that we just missed them last night! We said hi and continued on to a small saddle where we waited and all met up. At the saddle was the first view point that we have had of the entire trail and we all got really good cell service for the first time. Although brutal in many ways, I find a lot of beauty in this New Mexico desert, although it’s usually when I’m taking a break from all the suffering.

We hiked to the water cache which was about 7 miles from where we camped. There we met up with Revolt again. I made a quick lunch of curry with vegetables and rice before continuing on. The next water cache was 12 miles away so I carried four liters of water. The terrain after wards was extremely flat with absolutely zero shade. We walked through lots of wide open desert fields where I constantly lost and found the trail again. Without Guthook ( the mapping application) I don’t know how people can easily navigate the trail. I think I was probably off the trail about 50% of the time today. We had to crawl under several barbed wire fences on the trail today as well. I would usually throw my pack over the fence and walk along it until I found a spot big enough to roll under. I am so dirty that I can scratch off a layer of dust that has been caked to my face. It’s very gritty.

For lunch, the six of us (Rad, Revolt, Jenga, Free Fall, Itchy, and myself) all collected under the only tree for the entire 12 mile stretch between water sources. It was so crazy to see this wide open desert for miles and miles and then the six of us crowded under the only tree for miles to hide from the afternoon sun. I’m glad it was such a big tree for all of us! Some of the spots we have had to hide for shade have been very small in comparison.

I left the lunch spot around 3pm to head for the last water source of the day. It was more flat desert with practically no trail and a few more rolls under barbed wire fences. At the water source I filled up and stretched before heading to camp in a nearby wash with everyone else. The goal is to hide from the wind tonight as well. We are all cowboy camping without tents again.

Before bed I unsuccessfully tried to patch my sleeping pad yet again, caught up on my blog, hung out with everyone and made a phone call. We have had more service today than any other part of the trail. I usually only upload my blog posts on wifi in town since I only have 2 gigs of data per month.

My ankle is still sore but it was very manageable today which makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. However, I feel the beginnings of plantar fasciitis creeping back which is really sad and frustrating. On the other hand I’ve officially decided to take a zero in Lordsburg because I desperately need it for my feet to have any chance of not going through hell again this summer. I know Revolt and Jenga are for sure taking a zero to let their bodies recover. I kind of hope I talked Itchy and Free Fall do as well. I’ve been enjoying this small group of people I’ve been around so much! I hope we get to hike a little further together.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird

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