Day 3: Sore Ankles

Miles hiked: 16.1

Total Milage: 52.3

Location: Wash with Jenga and Rad

This morning I woke up pretty late. Last night it was so windy I found myself wondering if there were tornado warnings. My tent was flapping very loudly all night and I was on the ground again so I hardly slept at all. When I woke up Jenga had taken down his tent and was passed out on top of his ground sheet. I later found out he took it down at 4an because the wind was driving him nuts too. I’m thankful I hammered my stakes deep into the ground and had some big rocks on top of them.

We hiked three more miles to a cow tank that served as a water source. It was a well so we didn’t have to filter it! After that we hiked to the next water cache. There was finally a more defined trail than there had been the last few days but I was still constantly walking off the trail and looking at my map. At the water cache I ended up taking a three hour break. I hid under a spiky tree in it’s shade the entire time. I got to hang out with Itchy, Free Fall, Jenga, Rad, and I met Revolt for the first time.

Jenga and I hiked out about 2 hours  after Itchy and Free Fall. We went to the next water source which was another cow tank with a spigot attached. On the way my ankle was bothering me ALOT. It had been bothering me all morning but it was really killing me the last stretch. I’m worried about it healing. I don’t know what I did to it but I have a feeling it’s from constantly rolling it on the cross country sections.

At the water source I got to have a conversation with Revolt for the first time. He is 53 and he and his wife have been living in Pagosa Springs which is a cool town in Colorado that we will get to visit on the way to Canada most likely! I’m excited to hopefully get to know him more and hike around him.

Rad, Jenga, and I all left the water source around 6pm on a mission to find a camping spot out of the wind after how bad it was last night. We ended up finding a wash and setting up a cowboy camp there, meaning none of us used our tents. We had a great sun set and the stars were incredible! I ended up passing out before I could even write my blog. I hadn’t slept well since I left Colorado and today (Day 3) was the first day I was able to eat enough food since two days before we left.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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