Day 15: Bear Sighting #1 and Javelinas

Miles Hiked: 21

Total Milage: 227

Location: Snow Lake

This morning I woke up around 6am. It was so cold I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag. My shoes were frozen solid and my feet were in a lot of pain from the cold but I knew it would help numb any pains I had from walking. The group of us left around 7am. Immediately we were crossing the freezing cold river. As soon as my feet would get warm and slightly dry we would cross the river again. This continued for the rest of the day but the river slowly got shallower and the crossings became less frequent.

About two miles away from camp, I suddenly saw a baby bear climbing a tree about 3 feet in front of me. It freaked me out because I was so close to it before I realized it was there. I quickly back tracked as fast as I could and let my friends behind me know about it. We looked all over for the mama bear and couldn’t find it. It was kind of scary because we were in a narrow canyon and had to pass quite close to the baby bear. We walked into the river to skirt around it. We never ended up seeing it’s mom.

We all stopped for a lunch break 10 miles into the day. There was a nice cave to hide from the sun. I ate some peanut butter wraps I pre made last night. It got pretty warm today, I think I heard someone say it was supposed to be 80 degrees. I still think it was probably about 70 in the canyon. Near the late afternoon Jenga, 12 Pack and I all stopped to swim. We basically just dunked our selves in an ice cold swimming hole and enjoyed drying off in the sun. It was a nice break to end the day. I ended up hiking with 12 pack the rest of the day. We stopped to grab water a mile before camp.

We met Free Fall and Heidi at camp on Snow Lake. It was hard to believe I was actually seeing a lake after all this dry desert. It was a very murky man made lake but it was still there. We cowboy camped at Dipping Vat Campground. It was a very picturesque spot with a great sun set. I made ramen with extra veggies for dinner tonight.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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