Day 11: Into the Gila

Miles Hiked: 18

Total Milage: 159.15

Location: Moore Canyon, Mile 10.6 of the Gila Alternate

This morning I woke up in my tent with Itchy around 6:30am and started getting ready for the trail. Before we left Itchy and I walked down the street to get some coffee from Javalina coffee shop. I was sad to say goodbye to her.

Jenga and I left around 8:30 to get on trail and begin the road walk out of town. We took the Walnut Creek Alternate route out of town. It was a long walk on the side of a paved road until it gradually turned into a dirt road. We finally got to our FIRST NATURAL water source of the whole trail about 12 miles out of town. It was a small stream that was pretty low but definitely had enough water for lots of hikers to drink from!

At the source we took a long break where all our friends caught up to us including Revolt, Free Fall and Heidi. After a long 2 hour break my feet felt a lot better and we continued hiking another four miles to another water source. Today the views on trail were GREAT. there were lots of carins marking the trail but at one point Jenga, Revolt, and I got a little lost. We ended up bushwacking downhill into a ravine that we then followed until it met back up with the trail. We stopped at 18 miles today right after a really nice water source where we found great camping. 12-pack ended up showing up as well. He left town hours after us. It was pretty impressive to see how fast he hiked to catch up to us! I’m glad everyone made it out of town together.

For dinner we cooked at the view near out campsite. I made mashed potatoes with fritos, cheese, garlic powder, and some wild onions we found by the last water source. We all cowboy camped tonight. I have been enjoying going without a tent quite a lot. It’s nice that we haven’t had to worry about rainy weather at all either.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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