Day 10: Zero Day #2 / Taco Tuesday

Miles Hiked : Zero
Total Milage 141.15
Location: Triple Crown Hostel, Silver City NM

I fell asleep around 7pm last night and slept great until 5:30am. Our friend “Flash” who we met on the AT picked up Itchy at 6am and drove her back to her car in Lordsburg. I talked to Flash out by his car in case I wouldn’t get to see him again. Itchy ended up driving back to Silver City and staying a second night with me before heading back to Colorado.

For breakfast Itchy picked us up breakfast supplies and we made a veggie scramble with Jenga. After breakfast I went to get Itchy’s oil changed with her. Next we walked around town looking for some gifts for upcoming ocasions before going out for taco tuesday with everyone else. We got $1 street tacos for dinner before going to the brewery for a few drinks.

I had a great day hanging out with my friends and sister. In fact, it was so good I ended up forgetting to do laundry before I left town. Itchy and I camped outside in a tent spot in the hostel yard. We wished we had the private room for two nights but we had no idea she would end up staying an extra day. She will definitely be missed by everyone in the trail family!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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