Day 9: Silver City!

Miles Hiked: 18

Total Milage: 141.15

Location: Triple Crown Hostel, Silver City New Mexico

Last night I slept great. I woke up around 5:45 to the sounds of my friends packing up their camp things. I woke Itchy up and we started getting ready as well. For breakfast I made a shake of carnation breakfast, powdered milk, and peanut butter powder. It was delicious!

Today we had an 18 mile road walk from the homestead to the hostel in Silver City. There was a fire closure a couple miles up the trail so we came up with our own route into town to avoid it. For the first 6-7 miles we were on a dirt road. A car pulled over and gave each of us a mini cliff bar on the way, it was so nice! We all met up at our water cache right before hitting the sucky part of the day, a 12 mile section of walking on the side of highway 90.

Honestly I didn’t think the highway walking was so bad except for the fact that it made everyone’s feet hurt like hell. I was just trying to get it done as fast as I could but the foot pain was pretty excruciating. I put some tunes in my ears and just cruised. For lunch we stopped at a burrito place on the side of the road in the town of Tyrone.

I hiked the rest of the way from Tyrone to Silver City with 12 pack and Revolt. As soon as I got to the hostel the first thing I did was check in and lay in bed. Itchy and I got a private room for the night and it was SO NICE.

The rest of the evening I sorted through my things, updated my blog, hung out with my friends and got some food. Itchy had blisters so bad that she thinks they might have gotten infected so she just laid in bed all night. Jenga and I picked her up a burrito and mexican food for dinner. Itchy and I feel asleep really early around 7pm.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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