Day 8: Burro Mountain Homestead

Miles hiked: 18.2

Total Milage: 123.15

Location: Burro Mountain Homestead

Today I woke up around 5am. I was pretty cold last night and I noticed my sleeping bag had a layer of frost on it in the morning. I packed up as quickly and quietly as I could and got on trail around 5:30 am.

I hiked in the dark for the first hour before the sun started to rise. Even after the sun was up, I noticed it was colder than any other morning on trail so far. I hiked in my down puffy jacket all day long. It was such a drastic change from baking in the hot desert.

I had great cell service this morning so I called a couple of people from home and took a few breaks to wait for my sister. She got out of camp an hour after me but I planned on taking lots of breaks all day long. Itchy finally caught up about 6 miles into the day and then we hiked two more miles together before setting up for an early lunch.

We were finally in absolutely beautiful mountains with an actual trail for the first time. I was so happy today. Two miles later we ran into our first trail magic which was a big surprise. A lady named “solo” had her van at the trail head with chairs and some hot dogs for us. It was great!

We left trail magic around 2pm. Immediately we started climbing the first peak on the whole trail called Burro Peak! It was 8,000 feet above sea level and we have been hiking around 4,000 feet slowly gaining elevation since the border. On top of Burro Peak Jenga, Itchy, 12 pack and myself took a snack break before descending the last 4 miles to Burro Mountain Homestead. My right knee feels really weird on the outside and hurts a lot especially going down hill. I don’t remember doing anything in particular to it so I’m hoping that pain will disappear after we take a zero in Silver City. It seems like I have a new ache or pain everyday.

When we got to Burro Mountain Homestead it ended up being an extremely nice RV park. The owners and hosts let us camp and use their facilities for free. We took advantage of a heated community center where we made dinner and hung out before setting up our things and going to sleep. I hope this is the coldest day we have for a while! I’m not ready for it to be this cold all the time yet.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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