Day 13: Doc Campbells

Miles Hiked: 11

Total Milage: 187.45

Location: Doc Campbells Post

This morning the four of us all slept in and didn’t leave camp until around 8am. We were excited to get to town but we knew the river crossings would be absolutely freezing until the sun came up. I was hoping Jenga might catch us early since we slept in but I’m sure he had the same idea.

I lead the way for most of the morning. The hiking was a lot easier than yesterday. The trail was easier to find and the river crossings were not as complicated. I could tell the river was getting shallower (for the most part) as we made our way north. The four of us hiked as a group for the most of the day and it was a lot of fun. I tried to get some good videos of everyone crossing the river.

We looked for another hot spring that we couldn’t find again. At one point the trail climbed a little bit to a small over look. We still had to cross the river about 2-3 times a mile today. Around noon we hit the road we needed to walk to Doc Campbells. When we got there I collected my resupply box I sent myself and bought a burrito to warm up in their microwave. We were allowed to camp in their yard so we all set up tents and I paid $3.50 to take a shower! Jenga eventually showed up around 3:30, a half an hour before the store closed. I was so glad he caught up to us! And also made it in time to get hot food and his resupply as well. For this next section we have to carry about 7 days of food to make it 130 miles to the next resupply point in pie town. I’m not looking forward to how heavy my backpack is about to be.

There were a lot of other hikers I’ve never seen before at Doc’s as well. About five to six more new hikers! I talked to them a little bit but I mostly hung out with our smaller crew and did a lot of chores I had to get done. In the evening we tried to go to one of the nearby hot springs but the owners wouldn’t allow day access only. I was even willing to pay double the price of camping to be allowed to use them but for some reason these people were not Interested in our money. It was so strange because it didn’t seem very busy.

I was able to get some very poor wifi but it was still nice to be able to have some sort of contact with people! We made a plan to get to the next town as a group. Tomorrow we are supposed to see a Hot Spring and Cliff Dwellings and I’m so excited!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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