PCT Day 111: 15 miles out of Snoqualamie

Miles Hiked: 15

PCT Mileage: 2122.9

This morning I still woke up early at our hotel. I’m so glad I got a bed last night. My sleeping.psd has been deflating within two hours every night and I keep waking up to blow it up in the middle of the night because the ground feels so uncomfortable. I took the time to find some more holes in it using the bathtub and patched them with tenacious tape. Maybe it’ll work! This morning I did all my town chores I didn’t do last night including laundry, sorting through and packing my resupply from my friends Teresa and Nate, back flushing my filter, and uploading blog posts. Teresa and Nate sent me one of the best resupply boxes I’ve ever gotten once again. It was the perfect variety of foods and lots of snacks from trader Joe’s. I’m so thankful and excited to eat this section! I definitely will not be running out of food this time!

We left the hotel at check out time to get back on trail. We didn’t want to waste any of the time we got there at all! It was 11am when we were walking down the road back to the trail. I knew today was going to be hard. We had 5k feet to climb over 15 miles. In Oregon we weren’t even getting that vert over 35 miles. Crazy! The climb was long and slow. I hiked with Trail Diva and Midnight and got to talk to my mom and Pop Rocks on the phone. I also read the itinerary for Trail Days to get everyone excited about it! We took a break at a lake at the top. It was gorgeous. After the lake, the trail continued to go up. It went on some of the coolest ridges and over lots of screw that made my feet hurt and me hike slower. We ended up camping 15 miles out of town Because we were so exhausted. I was glad to be done at 7pm.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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