PCT Day 112: Cathedral Pass

Miles Hiked: 30

PCT Mileage: 2152.9

This morning I started hiking by 5:15am. The day started with a downhill and amazing views of the Cascades. I saw Midnight around mile five at a really nice waterfall. I stopped to eat breakfast and filter some water before continuing down to the bottom of the valley. Next we had a big long climb back up to another Ridgeline. At the top we all stopped to take a break with an awesome view of all the surrounding snowy mountains. We passed quite a few section hikers on our way up the climb. A group of maybe ten people or so. After some snacks we continued on and went straight back down to another valley where we took a break by the Walput River. Here I was rolling out my feet with my cork ball when it rolled into a hole near the bridge. I was really upset to lose it. I looked for it with my headlamp and trekking poles with no luck. I guess I’ll be massaging my feet by hand now!

We ended the day with another really big climb up to deep lake and then the top of Cathedral Pass. A mile from camp, I ran into three people I knew from the CDT last year. Frisbee, Stubb’s, and Star Lord were all going sobo and we stopped to chat on the side of the trail for a while. It was great to catch up with them and a total surprise to see them! I pitched my tent in a meadow next to Diva for the night. I was tried. It was the second hard day in a row!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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