PCT Day 113: Stevens Pass

Miles Hiked: 26.2

PCT Mileage: 2179.1

Today everything was soaking wet when I woke up. Meadows usually produce a lot of condensation over night so I wasn’t surprised. I was also very cold for the first time in a long time this morning. I quickly packed up my things and started walking fast because I was so cold. The day started with a downhill and I stopped to eat breakfast at a gushing creek with clear water around five miles in to the day. Right after, I got a little lost in a bunch of blown down trees that covered the trail. I eventually found the trail again. At the bottom of the valley was a cascading creek. It was gushing full force and I walked up and down it looking for a place to cross. Not only did it look like I was going to get my feet wet but also there weren’t a lot of safe looking spots. After ten minutes of analysing the best decision, I jumped across as far as I could into water on a bunch of loose rocks. I was soaking wet but glad I didn’t twist my ankle. It was risky but there wasn’t really any other good choices. I kept going wondering if my friends were behind or ahead of me since I was lost off the trail for a minute and took so long to get across the creek. I took a bunch of breaks to wait on them but they never caught up. I kept going to the top of Piper Pass. It was really pretty as I made my way back down into the next valley. I had a great view of Surprise Mountain and all the lakes around it. The day was warming up but large clouds were still hanging low over the mountains. I thought it was pretty. Diva caught up to me when I was taking a snack break. She told me she fell into the creek I took forever to cross this morning. We hiked together almost the rest of day and found Midnight about 15 miles from camp. We all took a break together and dried out our wet tents and sleeping bags in the sun that finally decided to come out. 10 more miles to the road at Stevens Pass.

I took a break at a lake four miles from Stevens Pass. Then I walked through the ski area and down to the lodge where I met Midnight and Diva at the Pub along with Danielle who came to drive us to Olympia! Danielle is Diva’s best friend from High School and we met her at White’s Pass as well. I was really thankful that she was able to help us with the crazy logistics. We drove to Olympia stopping at her bus where she lives in Tacoma on the way. It was such a late night and I was so exhausted from waking up at 5am, hiking a marathon, and then doing a ton of town chores and traveling at night. My feet were swollen really bad. I think it was from sitting in the car for so long. Our room was gifted to us by Camelback Santa from the Appalachian Trail. Diva has stayed in good contact with him. I was so thankful for the gift! It was such a nice room and I felt so exhausted. I was glad to have somewhere super comfortable to spend the night. I fell asleep quickly once I had most of my chores done.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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